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¹ ˹ҷ ͡Ẻ...
ͧҡ١ҷԡ㹻Ѩغѹ 龺١ҧ仵Դ˹ҷ öԹ ͧҡкءͺӹҨ㹢 2 (١ҺҧǹԹҧҨҡҧѧѴ) СóռѺͺӹҨ¤ 觵ǡͧ͡˹㹹鹷ʾѺ˵ءóѧҴ ͧ з㹡Թҧ㹡ͤҧ ͡Ẻ͡ (ǻ§ 1 ˹ҹ) ͡Ẻͧ令Դٹ ١ҷԹҧҨҡҧѧѴ֡ҧ 駹 Ҥè(ҧ·кآͤͧѧṺǺ¡չ) ¹ŧ ӧҹ¤֡ ˹ҷ١Ҵ ǹǤԴҵͧդ繴¡ѺԸա㹡óդ

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¤ ҧ˹ѧͺӹҨռѺͺӹҨ¤ ˹ҷҧͼѺͺӹҨ˹ǡѹ ҧẺ µͧ 2 ش ͤдǡͧ ˹ҷ ҵðҹ˹ѹ

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